Custombike exhibition


Photo of all winners of the International Championship Germany 2019

EUROPEAN Custombike Championship 2023

The ultimate battle of the best customised motorbikes from fifteen different categories. This is where amateurs and professionals gather and pick out the crème de la crème among themselves. In addition to fame and honour, the winner will receive a cash prize of EUR 5,000 !

One of the highlights of the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW will take place again in 2023! Every year since 2007, two teams have competed against each other in the European Biker Build-Off. Both teams have three days to complete a custom bike live in front of the trade fair visitors.

Part one of the BIKER BUILD OFF: Styrian Motor Cycle Bikes of St. Peter im Sulmtal from Austria.

Markus Krasser was trained as an automotive technician. Furthermore, he changed his buisness for a few years and worked in a worldwide active group, but has always lived out his passion for motorcycles during vacation at home, both riding and screwing.

In 2005 he founded SMC-Styrian Motor Cycle and worked with HD and Japan Choppers, which they rebuilt from the beginning and also used their own parts.

In 2009 he imported the first Victory´s from Italy and then became an official dealer at the end of 2010.

They installed the first size 300 tire on a Victory Hammer bike and also a Bold on Heck, which they still sell to all Victory enthusiasts today.

In the year 2013, SMC became an Indian dealer. Moreover, the team built 30 baggers, scouts with wide tires, etc. with many of their own parts, which they always manufacture according to customer requirements and ideas.

Markus was never someone who used products which originated out of serial production. According to his words, he will never use them because he wants to create everything on his own.

We are really looking forward to him and his team.😃

From left to right: Gustl Mischinger (Airbrusher), Markus Krasser (Head of SMC), Christopher Dam (Mechanic), Lukas Sturm (Mechanic)

More information about Markus, his team and their rebuilds can be found here:

Experience the live battle and choose the winner of the big “Biker Build Off Contest” at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2023 with your vote.

You can look forward to live airbrush art again this year: Pierre Schult from P.S. Industry demonstrates its artistic skills on bare skin.

Many of Pierre’s exceptional and excellent works show how professional and creative he works. As a long-standing exhibitor at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW, we are delighted that Pierre will be swinging the brush this year. The wonderful Playboy Playmate Christina Braun will provide her body as a canvas. Don’t miss it!

🔥HOT AS HELL 🔥 – The Fuel Girls at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW in Bad Salzuflen

The Fuel Girls are a world-famous performance group based in London that specialized itself in all kinds of fire and pyro performances and aerial acrobatics. Their death-defying shows add not only glamour to events around the world, but a huge and unparalleled “WOW” factor!

Their list includes big names such as Playboy Mansion LA, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, 02 Arena London, Wembley Stadium London and many more…

Due to the enthusiasm at CBS 2022, THE FUEL GIRLS are coming back to Bad Salzuflen. Wren, Chelsea, Cat and Von will offer you a spectacular and unforgettable show at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2023.

It is the only appointment in Germany. DONT MISS IT!

An explosive mixture, the likes of which have not been seen since the meeting of Wolfgang and Wilfried from the Wildecker Herzbuben.
Armed only with acoustic guitar, cajon and their angelic voices, Dougie and Fabs bring you a colorful bouquet of well-known melodies in a completely new interpretation.
Look forward to a selection of songs from Motörhead and Metallica to Volbeat and back again.

“We look forward to starting a mega party. With this in mind we see each other at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2022 – your tour guides Dougie and Fabs”

Custom Bike Show, 04.12.2022 Foto: Fabian Friese

Some of the top bikes of the International Custom Bike Championship Germany will not only be in the bike show, but also at the Garage21 photo booth in Hall 20. The editors of the magazines CUSTOMBIKE and DREAM.MACHINES give all visitors an exclusive insight into the production of a bike portrait. Anyone who has always wanted to know how a photo series for magazines is created should not miss this opportunity and take a look.

Jagath Perera is one of the absolute best wall drivers in the world. When he pounds through the Wall of Death on his Indian Scout hands-free, his butt glued to the machine, most of the spectators are left breathless.

The man from Sri Lanka uses centrifugal force for his stunning motorcycle acrobatics, which puts you under its spell every time. The show rides take place several times a day and are free of charge for visitors to the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW.

Growing up in the 1980s in the middle of nowhere in the Weserbergland, Jimmy was quickly influenced by legends such as Richie Havens, John Lee Hooker, Dion, Chuck Berry, Elvis and Johnny Cash.

His artistic career really took off in the early 1990s when he moved to Hamburg. As a member of various formations, but above all as a solo musician, he quickly became known far beyond the borders of the city. In 2007, he released his solo debut Rhythm Of Hells – Songs Of Angels History, in which Cornett set the joint history of the Hells Angels with music legends such as Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to music.

The frontman of the band Jimmy Cornett and the Deadmen can be seen and heard live on stage several times.

The small but nice Christmas market in the outdoor area of ​​the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW is once again spreading the spirit of Advent this year. There is plenty of delicious food here and a cup of mulled wine should not be missing in any hand.

Custombike-Show 2023


1st – 3rd December 2023
Bad Salzuflen exhibition centre
Halls 20 – 22

Opening hours

Friday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

12.30 a.m.

Begrüßung und Programmvorstellung

// Hauptbühne, Halle 20