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Photo of all winners of the International Championship Germany 2019

International Custombike Championship Germany 2021

The ultimate battle of the best customised motorbikes from fourteen different categories. This is where amateurs and professionals gather and pick out the crème de la crème among themselves.

With the new engine concept “Revolution Max” and the youngest member of the Sportster family, the Sportster-S, the traditional brand from Milwaukee has caused a sensation and enthusiasm.

Harley himself speaks of a new chapter in the Sportster saga and the motto “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” still applies, with the aim of awakening even more people around the world for motorcycling. So what can we expect for the 2022 model year? You can find all the latest information about the bikes and all other innovations on the main stage every day.

In order to spread a little more joy in this difficult year, we decided to remove the grouchy german christmas tale figure Knecht Ruprecht and his rod from the guest list. Instead, we have engaged several elf-like and well-formed Miss Santa Clauses, who will not only ensure a joyful christmas mood with their performance, but also take care that nobody gets too cold. Anyone who misses this first-class show – with a red nose guarantee – will surely regret it!

This year you can look forward to live airbrushing again: Alex from AHA-Design proves his artistic skills on bare skin.

AHA-Design is known for his absolutely stunning airbrush work, custom painting and pinstriping. As a long-standing exhibitor of the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW, we are pleased that Alex is once again decorating beautiful women’s bodies with his extraordinary art. Don’t miss!

Raised in the middle of nowhere in the Weser Uplands in the 1980s, Jimmy searched for inspiration elsewhere and quickly found it in the music of legends such as Richie Havens, John Lee Hooker, Dion, Chuck Berry, Elvis and Johnny Cash.

The move to Hamburg in the early 1990s really gave Cornetts career a boost. As a member of various formations, but mostly as a solo musician, he quickly became known far beyond the city limits. In 2007 he released his solo debut Rhythm Of Hells – Songs Of Angels History, in which he works up the history of the rocker gang Hells Angels with music legends such as Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. In 2010 he shot a video for the title track in preparation for the Deadmen debut album Raise The Dust in the Pyrenees, and the following year he released his solo EP California Session, which also featured actress Julia Roberts’ nephew – another example of his international orientation of his music.

The frontman of the band Jimmy Cornett will once again rock the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW – and he will do it every day oft he event! Don’t miss it!

With the Z900RS, Kawasaki hit the bull’s eye and perfectly implemented the wishes of customers for modern technology in a retro optic. So it’s no surprise that her little sister is starting the next production line with the latest technology and the charm of the seventies. The presentation of the brand new Z650 RS takes place on the main stage.

Kawasaki also brings in their new custom project “Z H2 Trackinator” with around 270 HP on the rear wheel – you can look forward to it!

Fred Kodlin polarizes: He has been known all over the world for many years and regularly excites the custombike scene with his innovative creations and sets trends. Not only because of the optical performance of his bikes, but also because of his technical developments, such as the construction of two front cylinders (2 FRONTS), completely invisible axle hubs ande brakes and secondary drive (TAKE OVER THE WORLD, SODOM, SHINE), Fred Kodlin was already awarded the title “Bike Builder of the Year” in 2005. This year Fred was the first German customizer to receive a special honor – he was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame (USA).

In the meantime, the successful customizer can look back on 37 years of company history with countless custom bikes, specially developed design parts and a branch in California – but luckily there is still no end in sight. True to Fred’s motto “The best is yet to come.”

What many do not know, the complete bike is created under one roof at Kodlin: frame and engine construction, an in-house locksmith’s shop, paint shop, CNC processing and an in-house test bench guarantee ideal conditions for a perfect result. The team , the creative owner and his son Len, who is now also involved in the company,  are not only building and developing custom bikes, but servicing and maintaining all Harley-Davidson models as well.

At the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW, Fred Kodlin will present a few of his design parts and some of his creations including technical milestones, as well as brand-new bikes in the form of a special show – a worthwhile journey through time and a look behind the scenes of a master builder!

Some of the top bikes of the International Custom Bike Championship Germany will not only be on display in the bike show, but also at the Garage21 photo booth in Hall 20. The editors of the magazines CUSTOMBIKE and DREAM.MACHINES give all visitors an exclusive insight into the production of a bike portrait. Anyone who has always wanted to know how a photo series for magazines is created should not miss this opportunity and take a look.

Instead of Last christmas and Jingle Bells, there will be rock! Or to put it more clearly: Rocco!

Rocco Recycle, the one-man band: He sings, plays the guitar and works the drums – all at the same time. He builds his instruments himself and his preferred materials are canisters, exhaust pipes, garbage cans and water pipes. But he isn’t only recycling scrap pieces, he also does it with music: blues, rock, metal, pop, and occasionally even a bit of classical music – everything is mixed and re-used, nothing stays as it was. Pure rocking atmosphere on both days of the event!

Jagath Perera is one of the absolute best wall drivers in the world. When he pounds through the Wall of Death on his Indian Scout hands-free, his butt glued to the machine, most of the spectators are left breathless.

The man from Sri Lanka uses centrifugal force for his stunning motorcycle acrobatics, which puts you under its spell every time. The show rides take place several times a day and are free of charge for visitors to the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW.

The accessories specialist Kellermann has not only incredibly small indicators in his product range, but some really powerful machines as well: When the aircraft radial engine type Avia / Walter M462RF exhibited on site is made to “glow” by the indicators of Kellerman. 9 cylinders and 10160 cubic capacity with over 300 HP all accumulate to a fascinating sound. The light sequence of the micro flashers makes the operation of the aircraft engine visible – an absolute eye-catcher and guaranteed not to be overheard!

The fan base of the conversions with the steeply upward-pointing rear parts, wide handlebars and mostly heavily modified superbikes was once very large. The people stood enthusiastically at the gasoline-scented burners, enjoyed the screaming sound of the Fireblade engines and celebrated the showdown of the rear tire that was on fire and finally bursted – we are already wading knee-deep through fighter nostalgia at it’s best.

There were various events, meetings and clubs – unfortunately not much of them remains today.

But the fans  and the “Streetfighter” itself still exist today, albeit in a more developed, modified or sometimes not quite as brutal form as it was back then.

With our special exhibition we want to celebrate these moments, the cult and the endangered species of the original fighters as well as their offshoots at the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW in Bad Salzuflen together with you again.

One of the most beloved highlights of the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW will take place again in 2021! Since 2007, two teams have been competing against each other in the European Biker Build-Off. Both teams have three days to complete a custom bike live in front of the trade fair visitors.

At this year’s CUSTOMBIKE SHOW, two very special opponents are fighting for victory in the European Biker Build-Off 2021: Harley-Davidson vs. BMW Motorrad! The companies are each represented by an authorized dealer who, in addition to selling new vehicles and repairs, is also in their element when it comes to conversions.

The East Westphalian authorized dealer H-D Bielefeld has been your authority for taking care of all matters relating to motorcycles from the US American brand Harley-Davidson since 1995. In the more than 2,000 square meter branch, customers can not only marvel at bikes, but also get the right outfit. News, information and events are constantly published on their own blog. So it’s no wonder that they received the “Dealer of Excellence Award” in 2012 for outstanding commitment and development as a certified local dealer from the headquarters in Milwaukee.

When it comes to customization, the authorized dealer is giving full throttle: In addition to “normal” repairs and maintenance work, seven specially trained mechanics with in-house metal processing work on customizing vehicles according to character and customer requirements with special parts and creating their own show bikes.

Motorrad Bögel, an authorized dealer from Ibbenbüren, joins the ring for BMW. Countless customers have entrusted their bikes to him since 1985 and he made their custom dreams come true. Motorrad Bögel takes care of Suzuki and BMW motorcycles in particular. Intensive customer advice and high-quality maintenance and repair work are very important here, as is the individualization of motorcycles. The BMW R18 in particular has led to the creation of a new department within the two-wheeler business: “MB Customs”.

In close cooperation with the company LMC-Bikes, conversions based mainly on the R18 have been produced for almost two years, but all other models are also modified according to customer requirements. In the meantime, R18 enthusiasts throughout Germany are making a pilgrimage to the specialists in Ibbenbüren to have a one-off made by MB Customs built for them.

Experience the battle of the year live and vote for the winner of the big “Biker Build-Off-Contest” at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2021.

BMW is expanding the R 18 model range with two new touring bikes. In addition to the fully clad Transcontinental, there is also the slightly more filigree R 18 in an excavator guise. The R 18 B offers a new excavator experience that builds on BMW Motorrad’s long history of developing sophisticated touring motorcycles. The striking silhouette of the R 18 B is joined by the latest technology and the huge, but controllable two-cylinder boxer, which also breathed life into the R 18.

BMW also has the new K 1600 B in its luggage, which with its legendary drive and six powerful cylinders is a sovereign partner for all enthusiasts in the performance touring segment. All further information about the K 1600 models and the even more tourable R 18 B can be found on the main stage every day.

The year 1921 marked the debut of the Indian Motorcycle Chief. Designed by the legendary Charles Franklin, the racing driver and engineer who invented the Scout, the Chief featured a 61 cubic inch V-twin, double camshafts, a low seat and graceful lines. For the 100th anniversary, one of the most legendary motorcycles in the USA was reissued. The new Chief is the perfect mix of old and new – a timeless design, complemented with modern technology and performance, without compromise. More information and all technical details about the three Chief models for 2022 are available daily on the main stage.

Many ideas are born, developed and implemented in garages, just like in the one of Maik Wenckstern and his brother, who built their first vehicle back in 2008.

They pursue the goal of pure driving pleasure, freedom, the wind in your face. After two years of tinkering and handcrafting, the time had come: The road-legal WENCKSTERN © Hot Rod started its maiden voyage in Hamburg. The idea of ​​Hot Rod Fun was born. The first location opened in Hamburg in 2013. Further stations in Germany, Austria and Romania followed and the Hot Rod Fun family was growing.

In search of the next Hot Wheels model, manufacturer Mattel is traveling through the USA for the fourth year with the Hot Wheels Legends Tour Roadshow. And as in 2019 and 2020, a tuner from Germany has the chance to compete with other international finalists at the grand finale with his car. But only one of the tuning cars has the honor of being produced as a 1:64 model and thus being included in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends. Now it is clear who the expert jury around Sidney Hoffmann, Sophia Flörsch and Mousse T. will send to the grand finale: Maik Wenkstern!

At the time of the fair, Maik will be straight back from the World Championships in Las Vegas and we can then hopefully welcome the champion, whose vehicle is being built as a Hot Wheels model. All information about the little speedsters, the possible tours and the Hot Wheels Legends Tour will be provided on the main stage.

“Dr. Chicken & Mr. Hyde “is a brand new project bike which Harley-Davidson Würzburg put together for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde. The old school highnecker, built with great attention to detail and with the latest technology, shows not only the signature of H-D Würzburg but also of other masters in the custom bike scene. For example, there’s Miro from Eastside Custom in the team, who was a perfect choice for this project.

In addition, only high-quality parts were used for the bike – rims from TTS, a chassis from Hyperpro, various parts from Custom Chrome, a handmade seat from Mausi and a sensational paintwork from Malone.

The bike will be presented by the builders on the main stage – don’t miss!

The popularity of Pole Dance is increasing steadily, but anyone who thinks it’s a new form of dancing, is definitely wrong! Pole dance has a long tradition that goes back to the twelfth century.

Contrary from what many people believe, Pole Dancing is extremely training-intensive, as the acrobatic movements require a lot of strength and body tension. So this serious sport is much more than just dancing around a pole in light clothing – even if a certain sex appeal cannot be denied and is definitely wanted. The show, breathtaking in every aspect, takes place daily on the main stage.

The winter in northern Germany isn’t very hard, but long. So if two sepcialists in customizing motorcycles are bored by the long darkness, something special can arise.

Swen Naber, designer, inventor and chief of the company NHPower met Michael Naumann, creator of countless bike show winners and together they came up with a genious idea: building a Café Racer in the style of the Rockin‘ 60’s, but with the latest technology. But they werent going fort he easiest solution. Instead of using a boxer or single cylinder technology, as many do, they decided to use a powerful V2 engine. So they studied the Indian Roadmaster in detail and recognized the potential of the engine and technology of the touring bike.

Even though they knew how hardly possible it would be to realize their project, they still decided to try against all odds: Customizing like this isn’t something for the fainthearted!

On the main stage, the two extremely talented builders present their results and tell their story of all the difficulties they had to deal with in this actually impossible seeming project.

The small but nice Christmas market in the outdoor area of ​​the CUSTOMBIKE SHOW is once again spreading the spirit of Advent this year. There is plenty of delicious food here and a cup of mulled wine should not be missing in any hand.

Custombike-Show 2022


2nd – 4th December 2022
Bad Salzuflen exhibition centre
Halls 20 – 21

Opening hours

Friday: 12 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

12.30 a.m.

Begrüßung und Programmvorstellung

// Hauptbühne, Halle 20