1st – 3rd december 2017 | Bad Salzuflen Germany



The worlds largest exhibition for modified motorcycles. In pure numbers it´s three days, three buildings, 300 exhibitors and especially over 800 radical modified motorcycles in all categories.

Amateurs or professionals, regardless of their country, they all come to the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW in Bad Salzuflen on the first weekend of december, to compete, compare or just to show their latest creations to the competition and the over 30,000 visitors.

At the same time, the fair is the monitor for the modification trends of the colorful and vibrant customizing bike scene, but mainly the seasonal closure and opportunity for exhibitors, participants and visitors to find ideas for future or ongoing projects.

The CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW remains an absolute experience for motorcycle enthusiasts and lovers of customized bikes. The Intrest in this unique exhibition is constantly growing. There is nothing like the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW.

Therefore: Do not Miss the Show! The year before the next exhibition can otherwise be damned long.


01st – 03rd December 2017
Fair Center Bad Salzuflen

Opening hours

Friday: 12.00 o´clock - 20.00 o´clock
Saturday: 10.00 o´clock - 18.00 o´clock
Sunday: 10.00 o´clock - 17.00 o´clock
Program points


One day ticket: 15,- €
Weekend ticket: 25,- €
Children till the age of 12 years have free emission


Fair Center Bad Salzuflen
Benzstraße 23
D-32108 Bad Salzuflen
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Valid for one of the event days for the opening hours

€ 15,00


Valid for all three event days for the opening hours

€ 25,00

Children till the age of 12 years have free emission


You shouldn´t miss this one!

Live at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2. – 4. december 2016

The competitors

Martin Becker // MB Cycles // Deutschland

Martin Becker from Heidelberg Germany is one of the most known customizers through his company MB Cycles. He's contstructing modified motorcycles since 2001 and has no obligation in style or base.

Martin Becker // MB Cycles // Deutschland

Nicolas Pigeyre // EMD // Frankreich

Raised in Paris, 41-year-old Nicolas Pigeyre relocated to the south of France while in school, where he took over a large metal construction company at the age of 25 years.

Martin Becker // MB Cycles // Deutschland

I.C.C.G. 2016

International Custombike Championship Germany

You can´t imagine what you´ll see here.

International Custombike Championship Germany


One of the highlights of the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW is without a doubt the „International Custombike Championship Germany“ briefly called the ICCG. With over 250 participants registered to compete in 18 categroies against each other. The winner of all classes takes home the title „Best of Show“ plus an extensive bike portrait in on of our magazines

Amateurs and professionals alike can apply for the contest. An invitation to compete is comparable to a knighthood since the own bike can be presented to over 30,000 visitors during the three days so attention is guaranteed.

The rating in each category is determined by the editors of our magazines BIKERS NEWS, CUSTOMBIKE, DREAM-MACHINES and ROADSTER. For the grand finale, the winners meet on our main stage on Sunday to receive the trophies infront of the crowd. Honor to whom honor. Anyone participating in the bikeshow and walking on stage will forget all hardships whom he endured patiently during the construction of his project.


Beauty alone isn´t enough!


You're not shy, have a healthy self and body awareness and not afraid to show yourself infront of a large crowd? You like to dance with music and express your emotions in motion?

Then apply for the election of the MISS CUSTOMBIKE which is held annually during the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW. But dont rely too much on your looks, because the hardest jury you can imagine will make the descision: the crowd!

Build da Fukker

Four months and a maximum budget of 5000,- € for a custombike!

Build da Fukker


Build da Fukker, the competition for private customizers was established through our CUSTOMBIKE magazine in cooperation with „Ride Free“ and „Chopper Forum“ in the year of 2012. The „People´s Biker Build-Off“ will be held in 2016 for the fifth time.

The rules are simple and minimalistic, since the fun should be in the foreground. Whether a lone wolf, a customizing team or a whole squad, everybody from Germany, Austria or Switzerland can join in as long as it remains in private hands. Workshops or companies are denied to participate in „Build da Fukker“



  • Andy Engel
  • Jessica Svartvit
  • Dea Vectorink
  • Tobi Tietchen


  • Ingo Kantorek
  • The Fuel Girls

and renowned Tattoomodels and ErotiCats

Do Custombikes and Tattoos match? If you look at the audience at the worlds largest Convention for customized motorcycles, then definetly. Thats why we are proud to announce another highlight for the visitors of the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2016: TATTOO AREA.

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